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+91-9121685111 #5-5-35/153/3, First Floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Telangana, Hyderabad – 500072
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Vajra Transpower’s Story


Vajra Transpower Private Limited is established by young and dynamic, qualified and experienced Engineers in relevant fields, with an aim to provide affordable pricing with the best quality at relevant privilege standards and on time delivery as per customer requisite. The manpower engaged in manufacturing of the products, are well trained and experienced and their skills are certified.

Market Sectors

transformer manufacturers

Power transformers facilitate the transmission of electricity from any part of the electrical or electronic circuit to the other. 

We provides a comprehensive range of products and techniques to create value for the construction industry and support sustainable development.

A transformer electrical isolation is required to prevent damage to either electrical circuit when any equipment connected to it.

servo stabilizer manufacturer

Is your electrical appliances are getting damaged often, so it is a peak time to install a servo controlled voltage stabilizer to safeguard your appliances.

power saver

The power savers not only works for light loads but they are also very reactive in handling the heavy loads in various industries.

Step up down Transformer

It is used in electrical and electronic devices where the voltage boosting is required. We provide the trouble-free step up transformers to the customers.

Applications & Verticals

Modern Society couldn’t exist without the distribution & control of electrical power. Our team offers all type of electrical devices needed to facilitate transmission of electricity.


Power transformers facilitate the transmission of electricity from any part of the electrical or electronic circuit to the other. Generally used in the high voltage transmission networks to step up and step down the voltages. Changes the high voltage electricity to reduced voltage levels and makes suitable for the usage in homes as well as others.

Are you looking for power Quality products? Vajra Transpower Pvt Ltd is one of the leading quality product suppliers that protects the  equipment from D.C. Leakage, spikes, line voltage transients.


Vajra Transpower :

Vajra Transpower is the leading transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad that also supplies a wide range of Servo Stabilizers, Power and Distribution Transformers, Isolation Transformers etc. The company has a high annual turnover and also engages with a huge client base across India.

We are the Best transformer distributor and our products comply with all types of industries and also government standards practiced throughout the world. Our clients include large original equipment manufacturers and engineering, procuring and construction firms, as well as end-users in private industry, universities, government, utilities, and others.

Vajra Transpower Private Limited is BIS licensed & ISO Certified company and has become Solar power transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad by offering transformers and stabilizers within affordable price having the best quality. We have an experienced team that is good at producing relevant privilege standard stabilizers and transformers for all industries. We have become one of the popular power transformer manufacturer companies in Hyderabad due to on-time delivery as per customer requirements and quality products that we offer. The manpower engaged at Vajra Transpower in manufacturing of the products are very well trained and their skills are certified. We utilize their experience in manufacturing the best quality and the most reliable transformers and stabilizers in the market.

The strength of Vajra Transpower, a dry type transformer dealer in Hyderabad is the flexibility and responsiveness of vast experience and technical ability of the workers. Whether offering standard products or customized designs, we are always dedicated to ensuring that the customer has a reliable transformer for the application irrespective of how stringent the conditions are.

We are proud to get involved in the wind and solar power projects, and multiple energy distribution projects all over India. Our transformers and stabilizers are always within reach your reach across Pan India. 

The company has a functional manufacturing unit equipped with advanced machinery. Furthermore, we have a Quality Control team comprising skilled testers and quality controllers to ensure right tests are conducted at every quality parameter from the obtainment of raw materials to the delivery of the final product. 

Each industry requires different types of stabilizers and transformers. We are a transformer manufacturing company and understand the needs and demands of every type of industry and serve them the best products. Below we have listed the following list of stabilizers and transformers that we manufacture and offer to the customers at an affordable price in the market. List of Transformers we offer – 

  • Power transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Solar Transformers
  • Wind Power transformers
  • Hydropower transformers
  • Auxiliary transformers
  • Cast Resin Dry-type

Protective transformers

  • Isolation transformers
  • Ultra isolation transformers
  • Medical Transformers

General-purpose Transformers

  • Auto variable transformers
  • Step-up transformers
  • Step-down transformers

 List of Stabilizers We offer –

  • 3 Phase Air cooled servo voltage stabilizers
  • 3 phase oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers
  • 3 phase residential stabilizers
  • Single-phase servo stabilizers
  • Linear automatic stabilizers
  • Static voltage stabilizers

Find out what type of transformers and stabilizers do you need from a transformers manufacturing company and then tell us your requirements. Being one of the best electrical transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, we strive to fulfill each and every terms and condition of our customers regarding stabilizers and transformers. 

Why we need stabilizers and transformers?

Applications of Voltage Stabilizers has become a necessity in every home and industry because they help in stabilizing the current and voltage to protect the electrical machines from getting damaged due to short circuit and sudden voltage fluctuation. We are servo stabilizer suppliers in Hyderabad and manufacture different types of Voltage stabilizers with different functionality and works. We use the latest technology like Microprocessor chips and other Power Electronic Devices to make the stabilizers more reliable and demanding product. They are now totally automatic, intelligent and embedded with a lot of additional functions. Stabilizers manufactured by us give an ultra-fast response to voltage fluctuations and allow users to adjust the voltage requirements including start/ stop function to get a favorable outcome.

A Voltage Stabilizer manufactured by servo stabilizer dealers in Hyderabad is an electrical device which provides a constant voltage output to electronic gadgets at its output terminals irrespective of any fluctuations in the incoming supply.

The basic purpose of servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad is to protect home appliances and electrical/ electronic gadgets from the damage due to sudden Voltage Surge/ fluctuations.

A transformer is an essential part of electrical engineering. Main function of the transformer is to step up or step down the voltages. At power generating stations, transformers manufactured by electrical transformer dealers in Hyderabad are used to increase the generated voltage due to which there are fewer power losses observed in further transmission. This transmitted power is distributed to various local loads using distribution transformers manufactured by distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. At distribution point near the residential area, we require to step down transformers manufactured by step down transformer suppliers in Hyderabad to reduce voltage level.

Being a servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Hyderabad, we offer products that are tested with the relevant standard. All the routine tests are conducted in our in-house testing facility. Why we are the best power transformer distributor in Hyderabad? It is because we follow a standard testing system which is designed by our mentor with 36 years of core experience thus the quality and trouble-free products are offered to the customers.

We have become the best power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad because for us the quality of the product comes first. We never compromise on the quality of the product for the price. 

So, contact us to get the best transformers and stabilizers in the market at an affordable price. We are ever ready to serve you in the best possible way we can.

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Vajra Transpower

  • To consolidate and create global presence and to become a leading manufacturer and solution provider for transformer requirements and to have 50% annual growth rate year by year.

  • To emerge as a trusted solution provider for all types of transformers and to conduct our business professionally, to become an employee driven company and to have, best interactive customer relationship.

  • Quality is our priority. We maintain quality in Management, Manpower, Machinery, Testing equipment, Testing Processes and Manufacturing Processes. Thus quality product is delivered.

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