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Automatic Voltage Controller

Why automatic voltage controller is required?

Automatic voltage controller is one industrial voltage robot which first monitors the voltages and electronic circuits activates and motor regulates the output voltage constant round the clock whenever there is any input voltage fluctuations.

Based on the fluctuations of the input voltage the set output voltage is regulated by this equipment within seconds without injecting any harmonics and noises.

The basic purpose of Vajra’s automatic voltage controller is to maintain constant desired output voltage because of this there will be a reduction in breakdowns of electrical and electronical equipment’s due to voltage fluctuations. Power saving ,reduction in MDI and improvement of P.F will be the added advantages at high input voltage by using this equipment there is a reduction in electrical bills capital cost , reduction in breakdowns, reduces production loss, improves electricity quality thus by using vajra automatic voltage regulator the best ROI is achieved . Voltage variation is common phenomena the input voltage generally low during the peak load time high voltage is experienced during non peak hours. Both low voltage and high voltage causes increase in MDI reduction in P.F both are causing for high electricity bills. By using vajra automatic voltage regulator will provide constant output voltage irrespective of variations in input voltages. The voltage variations are because of holidays, peak hours, rain days, agriculture loads and weather conditions.

Therefore for smooth function it is suggested to install vajra automatic voltage controller which provides constant output voltage that is 230v in single phase 400v in three phase

It is suggested to note down hourly input voltage by installing digital voltage recorder at the transformer in your factory premises for a weak period also check failure rate of electrical equipment’s your machinery and electronical equipment’s.

At low voltage you will not be able to operate your machines at a rated capacity resulting in lower production sometimes due to low voltage you need to run your machines on DG set the power cost of DG set is 3 times as compare to charge of discoms.

Advantages of automatic voltage regulator

  • Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipment’s
  • Reduction in MDI
  • Energy savings
  • Improvement in Power factor
  • Uniformed quality of end product
  • 60% depreciation as per income tax act

Vajra’s servo is available in wide range and various models. The standard 3 phase models are suitable for balanced and unbalanced supply and load conditions.

Vajra’s  Automatic Voltage Controller  Applications

1) Cement plants

2) Paper mills

3) Footwear and leather units

4) Flour mills

5) Tube mills

6) Destroys and beverage

7) Engineering units

8) Rice sheller’s

9) Hospitals

10) Pharmaceutical units

11) Rubber industries

12) Nursing homes

13) Cold storage units

14) T estates

15) Clubs

16) Rolling mills

17) Food processing units

18) High range buildings

19) Textile mills

20) Oil and Vanaspati plants

21) Shopping malls and multiplexes

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