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Power Problems and Solutions

What are the major power problems?

Despite efforts are being made to supply quality power by electricity companies, major power problems still exists due to non linear loads and unbalanced loads and inrush currents of various electric and electronic equipment’s.

The basic and common power problems are

  • Electrical Surges
  • Overloading
  • Power sags and dips
  • Junction box that is uncovered
  • Mechanical switches sparks
  • Frequent ON/OFF of AC’s and discharge lights
  • Frequent ON/OFF of various inductive loads
  • Multiple connection on single socket
  • Electrical shocks due to poor earthings
  • Frequency burning of chokes and discharge lamps
  • Design of distribution panels
  • Power outages
  • Leakage current due to capacitance
  • Low power factor
  • High MDI

These are general electrical problems that normally encounter in Industrial/Commercial/Residential complexes.

Solution for electrical problems

Most commonly experienced electrical problems are due to high voltage and low voltages, surges, spikes, harmonies, low PF, leakage current and distribution of power in incorrect manner.

  • Installation of servo voltage stabilizer with suitable capacity will solve voltage fluctuations problems.
  • Providing EMI/RFI filters and surge suppressors at output of voltage stabilizer will fix most of spikes, surges, noises which generally present on input line.
  • Providing high grade isolation transformers at output side of voltage stabilizer will provide solutions for harmonics filtration and leak current problems.
  • Providing Automatic power factor controllers at input side of power lines in parallel circuit will provide solution for low power factor and provides reduction of MDI and Energy savings.
  • Installing modernized distribution panel at input side after energy meter with latest technology breakers and sensors will provide highest safety for proper distribution of power for entire load.

Proper earthing of devices at various places will provide maximum safety from grounding of leakage current and safety for protection from electrical shocks.

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