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Why We Need Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Electricity fluctuations are common in unbalanced loads, where there are 4wire connections. In 4wire connection, each Phase load current, changes very frequently, since there are multiple electrical gadgets connected. In the electrical gadgets, there are variety of electrical loads that are not distributed equally on all 3 phases. Generally in the company, commercial offices, residential houses, hospitals, and many applications work, only on unbalanced load conditions. The unbalanced load conditions create fluctuations in neutral current and there is a voltage drop when the load is high. In one phase the other two phases experience a reactance problem with respect to neutral and there is mismatching total electrical circuit impedance. Some of the loads will be having more inrush currents due to this inrush currents there are fluctuations in the entire 4wire system thus there is voltage fluctuations. To protect from the voltage fluctuations a suitable reasonable cost voltage stabilization equipment is needed. Thus servo stabilizer is used to stop and to encounter dangers of voltage fluctuations. 

Unless there is a constant voltage the function of electrical & electronics gadgets changes and there will be damages premature failures, burning of circuits and tripping of circuits. To stop damages of the costly equipments keeping a stabilizer with constant voltage is needed. The best cost effective voltage regulation equipment is servo stabilizer. Servo stabilizer provides excellent regulation that is +/- 1% thus the output voltage is almost constant. The servo stabilizer is incorporated with one ruggedized servo motor couple with auto transformer and buck boost transformer. Most of the parts employed in servo stabilizer are standard components and quality components where the component failures are very minimal, that is why servo stabilizer is being used, very commonly, to protect electrical and electronic gadgets.

Today most of the electronic items and electrical items are being manufactured by using microcontrollers and SMPS circuits. The performance of all modern electrical gadgets needs constant output voltage.

Some of the electrical equipments like X-Ray machines, CT Scanners, Refrigerators, deep freezers, compressors, and motors draw high inrush currents at high voltages and low voltages. Which is intern draws excess power thus extra power is consumed. To reduce energy bills and to maintain constant voltage installing servo stabilizers is essential. 

Servo stabilizers provide excellent voltage regulation besides providing lot of electrical protections like 

  • High input voltage protection
  • Low input voltage protection
  • High output voltage protection
  • Low output voltage protection
  • Noise Filter
  • Surge Filter
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection, Etc.,

Servo stabilizers are available in air cooled models, oil cooled models and forced air cooled models. The general applications of voltage stabilizers are 

  • Steel mills
  • Paper mills
  • Text tile industry
  • Cold storage plants
  • Defense equipment plants
  • Leather Units
  • Oil industries
  • IT industries
  • For escalator applications
  • Food processing applications, Etc.,

To major models in servo stabilizers are balanced type and unbalanced type.

The balanced type stabilizers being used for balanced load applications where current of each phase is constant, the unbalanced voltage stabilizers uses 4wire system and having phase wise correction where output current is deferent from each phase and which is not constant. For 3phase motors we recommend balanced type voltage stabilizers for single phase loading connected in 3phase system we recommend a unbalanced voltage stabilizers, we have a expert team , who will visit the site and recommend the type of stabilizer needed for your needs.

Our all voltage regulators have phenomena of reducing load and saving power. These are categorized as energy saving devices. Government of India has given importance to it and they allowed accelerated depreciation of 40% there by customer can get back the investment made on these industrial voltage stabilizers within 2 years.

Why stabilizer needed for Houses:

A voltage stabilizer is electro mechanical equipment which maintains optimum voltage levels within high accurate levels at + or – 1% level.

A voltage stabilizer having quality electronic circuits which maintain output voltage levels within the high accurate levels and apart from it has a built in protection system switches off power at abnormal levels thus total house is protected from burn out of appliances due to high voltage levels. It has in built time delay circuit which also protects surge currents passing through the stabilizer.

It has filters which filter surges, sags, noises and spikes. Which are dangerous for heat of appliances.

Apart from above protections, it also provides energy saving at a minimum level of 10% and max up to 25% thus the investment is refund within 18 months from its savings and protection provided to appliances.

A voltage stabilizer will smooth any ripples in the power input. A linear voltage regulator will dissipate excess voltage as heat to give a lower output voltage to the input.

These stabilizers are used on oil rigs, emergency power supply, generator sets, and so on. It is an electronic power device used for providing inconsistent voltage and, this can be done without changing the power factor or phase shift. Large sized stabilizers are fixed enduringly on the distributed lines and small voltage stabilizers are used for guard of the home appliances from the voltage fluctuations. If the voltage of the power supply is less than the necessary range, then a step up transformer is used for stepping up the voltage levels and correspondingly if the voltage is greater than the required range, then it is stepped-down using a step-down transformer.

Hence to guard your home you can need one servo stabilizer.

The equipment board name has been fixed as Home Guard. 

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