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Power Transformers – What should you consider before purchasing one?

Transformers are a significant component of an electric network. One of the important electrical networks that anticipate laboriously on transformers and forms the strong pillar of the industrialized society is the power distribution network. The power transformers are one of the types of transformers used to transform energy from one circuit to the other circuit by a channel of inductive coupling. Other than the usual transformers, power transformers at high levels act as step-up transformers or step-down transformers at the higher voltages. Power transformers are used in household appliances and industrial purposes. This is the reason why there is an increase in power transformer manufacturers in  Hyderabad. And here are some of the considerations which are included while purchasing the transformers.

Best power transformer manufacturers:-

Apart from other transformers, power transformers operate at high voltages that seem that factors to be considered while buying one from the power transformer suppliers in Hyderabad also be a little different. By understanding the importance of power transformers, several power transformer manufacturers provide a wide range of transformers according to the requirements. 

Among them finding the best power transformer manufacturers is difficult to find right? Here is Vajra Transpower is a well-established transformer manufacturer and suppliers in Hyderabad provide reliable transformers that last longer. We offer various transformers according to both industrial and commercial requirements. Every transformer is perfectly tested with relevant standards at our in-house testing facility. Our recognition came with our experience of 36 years in the market that gained a reputation in the transformers manufacturing sector. As our, every product is BIS licensed and ISO certified that resembles our assurance of the product.

Step-up transformers:- 

Power transmission:- 

A step-up transformer allows electricity to pass through a long distance and that too at an affordable cost. The step-up transformer raises the voltage that has to be transmitted and this assists in minimizing the resistance on the line which results in a fewer loss. In the absence of Step-up transformers, the power breakdowns are massive which would be tough for electricity to reach all places. As Vajra Transpowers are best step-up transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad provides the best quality step-up transformers which built an excellent ability to work continuously.

Step-down transformers:- 

As Vajra Transpowers is famed as the best Transpower manufacturing company in Hyderabad offers the best reliable step down transformers to enable the hassle-free performance continuously. The step-down transformers are designed to transfer high-level voltage into low-level voltage. Step-down transformers are mainly used in domestic consumption. It converts home the primary home voltage to the secondary low voltage that is used for supplying electricity. It is mostly used in televisions, inverters, voltage stabilizers, etc.

Power rating:-

As we have discussed above, power transformers employ at higher voltages. But what should be considered as higher voltages?  The power rating has a significant value in power transformers. Power rating defines the maximum capacity voltage and current. 

However, Power transformers operate nearly to the maximum capacity, you need to assure that power rating is maximum enough. Vajra Transpower offers a wide range of power transformers according to the requirement and special applications. As we are 33KV and 11KV power transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad, we also provide both step-up and step-down transformers as per the demands of the customers with any MVA specifications. We also offer a wide range of transformers which includes 5 MVA transformers and 1500 MVA transformers and is famed as the best 5MVA transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. To allow power transmission to different places, step-up and step-down transformers are used to increase or decrease the voltage levels.


Vajra Transpower is the pioneer in providing 100% efficient products which maximizes the durability of the product as much as possible. Two main causes are considered for the losses in a power transformer- the copper winding and iron core. We as the best power transformers suppliers in Hyderabad offer the high grade, laser-cut, and best-rolled sheets have been used in the transformers to assure quality that losses are minimum. Likely, the copper windings should also be made of high- standard materials.


What if the current supply stops for some period of time? It would be so difficult for households and industries to entirely go into the darkness and result in economic loss. Power transformers work throughout the clock at maximum load capacity. The elements, high electrical loads and high mechanical loads are constantly subjected to transformers, so the transformer should withstand these conditions without breakdown. 


Quality and customer satisfaction are the strengths of the Vajra Transpowers company. We follow strict quality control to assure that our products are satisfied with National and International standards. As Vajratranspowers are reputed as the best power transformer manufacturing company in Hyderabad provide the best quality raw materials from a trustworthy supplier for manufacturing the products. Our team of skilled quality control professionals observance in all stages of production to assure that the product has zero defects. Earlier to delivery, all products are tested in our laboratory on various elements, to ensure a high level of performance. We also perform product inspection to make sure that all the requirements provided by the client have been met with perfection.


Vajra Transpower is reputed as the best transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad offers the best installation services within a specified duration of time. We ensure that the transformer is perfectly installed and properly working. And if the transformer has any issues, we offer the best maintenance service to enhance the performance ability.

Cost friendly:-

Power transformers are quite significant to ensure relevant voltage regulation and maintenance. If you are seeking cost-friendly and efficient power transformers then you should reach Vajra Transpowers as it provides the best transformers in your budget. Thus famed as the best cost-friendly transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Safety and testing:- 

When it comes to heavy electrical devices like transformers, extensive safety measures should be done before installation. Thus in our best transformer manufacturing company, every transformer is thoroughly checked by the workforce and we provide the guarantee optimum performance. 

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