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Power Transformers Specifications and its Applications in the Electric Power Systems

Vajra Transpower is the leading Power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad,India is offering the significance of power transformers to let the customers select appropriate transformers for their energy demands. Vajra Transpower is identified as the best electrical transformers manufacturers, which offers a wide range of  strong, well grounded, and uniquely designed electrical transformers for each type of industry.

All we are living in an electric world, electrical power is one of the crucial and important elements of our everyday life that we rely on and we cannot imagine our lifestyle without electricity. And our technologies, home and electrical appliances operate on the consumption of electric current. But we all also face numerous electrical power problems due to the voltage fluctuations and loss of our electrical appliances. 

Today, we are so dependent on electricity that even a minute disturbance in the form of voltage fluctuation can disrupt our daily routine to quite an extent. When electricity is being transferred over long distances, high voltage is required to do work efficiently. But once this high voltage electric current reaches the receiving end, it needs to be reduced to the levels required by the end-user. The power transformer performs this function cheaply and efficiently. You can get the number of power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, Vajra Transpower is among them, where you can get authentic and well designed  electrical transformers in various functioning models used for a variety of applications.

What is a Power Transformer?

A Power Transformer can be explained as an electrical device that is designed to transfer alternating current from one electric circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. The applications and the main purpose of a Power Transformer are to reduce or increase the voltage as per the requirement. An Electric Power Transformer enjoys a long and hassle-free life and is used in distribution systems to interface step up and step down voltages. 

Transformer making companies in India classified electric power transformers into three types based on the ranges, small power transformers, medium power transformers, and large power transformers.

  • The line up of large power transformers can be from 100MVA & above
  • The line up of medium power transformers can be from -100MVA
  • The line up of small power transformers can be from 500-7500kVA

Functions of the power transformer:

The main functions and purpose of power transformers are to make accurate use of the electric current and prevent damage to the internal circuitry of any electrical system. In addition to this, the importance of a Power Transformer is as follow:

Low Operating Temperature: When we talk about transformers, operating temperatures play an important role. Power Transformers are built to cater to the required temperature.

Low Magnetic Fields: Power Transformers are described to emit extremely low radiated electromagnetic fields. The power distribution transformer manufacturers make it perfect for use in electronic equipment such as a low-level amplifier, medical equipment. 

Voltage Regulation: The voltage drop under a load of a Power Transformer is much lower when compared to other types of electric transformer.

Vajra Transpower is a leading transformer manufacturer and power transformer dealers in Hyderabad which are engaged in offering a highly efficient range of transformer, such as electric power transformers, oil type transformer dry-type transformers, solar power transformer, step-up transformer and step down transformer, and many more.  With the emphasis on excellent customer support and manufacturing high-quality products at an affordable cost, Vajra Tranpowers is here to cater to all your needs, and it’s also recognized as the best Isolation Transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad and solar power transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad.

Power Transformer Specifications

The specifications of the power transformer include a maximum power rating, maximum secondary current rating, maximum voltage rating. Electric transformers can be constructed as either single-phase or a three-phase configuration. There are many important specifications that need to be known when searching for power transformers. Power Transformers specifications from electrical transformer suppliers in Hyderabad are used in the distribution network that is directly associated with the consumer end where the load fluctuations are very high. It is also famously known as the best step up and step down transformer supplier  in Hyderabad.

 Applications of Power Transformer: 

  • Power transformers can transfigure the voltages at high power levels from one voltage to another. These transformers are used in various electronic circuits or electronics systems and also available in various types and applications.
  • Power transformer’s main purpose is to use the high voltage transmission network to step down and step up the voltage. These transformers are generally used for the transmission of heavy loads and prevent voltage fluctuation.
  • The applications of the power transformer add the transmission and distribution of electrical power. These transformers are widely used by industrial plants, power plants, and traditional electric utility companies.
  • Power transformers are big compared with distribution transformers, which are used in producing station and transmission substations. Power transformers are involved in network transmission. So they do not directly connect to the consumers. So a load of voltage fluctuations of the transformer is less.
  • The best transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad provide the power transformers which are used as step-up devices for transmission so that the electric appliances loss can be reduced to specified power flow. 

Generalized attributes of Power Transformers:

Reliability– the advanced technology incorporated in the power transformers constructing  process of windings provides the product with a high level of reliability.

Maximum Safety– Power transformers provide extra safety and protection while using transformers. And it is carried out through the cooling through the air and without any insulation. 

Performs efficiently even at high overload conditions– the power transformers have the capability to hold the heavy loads and it is possible to increase the power during the operation with the help of a forced-air system.

Less operation costs– the power transformers ensures low losses in the windings and even in the magnetic core, which results in the limiting  of operating costs.

Thus, this is all required information about power transformer construction, power transformer specifications, and applications. We hope that you have got a better understanding of this concept by reading this article.

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