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+91-9121685111 #5-5-35/153/3, First Floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Telangana, Hyderabad – 500072
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3 Phase Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Air Cooled Stabilizer

Vajratranspower is one of the top-notch servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad, where you can get a wide range of various products like three phase servo voltage stabilizers, single phase servo stabilizers, static voltage stabilizers and much more. Advanced technology-driven servo controlled motors which are suitable for the residential and commercial applications.

Why do we need a three phase servo voltage stabilizer? In spite of absolute efforts of different electricity boards, the supply of the voltage will not be constant at the consumer’s end. Due to the diverse loading and distribution duties in a network results in uneven voltages/fluctuations. These electrical fluctuations are common as the voltage can decrease and increase randomly throughout a day. And these never-ending fluctuations lead to frequent tripping or breakdown of the systems/appliances and result in poor performance of the electrical equipment.

And our range of air cooled servo voltage stabilizers can precisely overcome and control the uneven voltage fluctuations and provide the desired constant output voltages. The three phase air cooled servo stabilizer technology tends to be very effective when it comes to large three phase applications, it maintains three phases accuracy irrespective of input voltages at any power factor.
We have engaged in manufacturing the best three phase air cooled servo Stabilizers that can prevent the electrical hazards caused due to voltage fluctuations and also reduce the energy consumption. An easily affordable brand which ensures the customers with the more reliable, quality tested and productive Electronic Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers.

Technical Specifications
Salient Features
Output voltage(3 ph) 415v
Ac system unbalanced
wire r y b n
Connections star
Operating frequency 47 to 53 hz
Output voltage adjustable 380 to 415v ac in 3 ph
Output voltage regulation + 1% (no load)
Output voltage regulation + 1% (full load)
Overload capacity 120%
Correction rate 60 30 25v per sec-3 phase
Waveform distortion nil
Output waveform true
Reproduction of input insulation class f short circuit
Period & percentage 300% for 250 milli sec. 0 0 normal
Operation temperature 0 c to 45 c 0
Climate conditions 90% rh max.
Non condensing 35 c
Type of cooling natural air cooled up to 600 kva
Mode of system fully automatic system
Construction as per is – 9815 1994
Input voltage range 300 – 460v 340 – 480v 360 – 460v ac 3 ph

1.Quick response time 10 milli sec (half a cycle) very high efficiency above 98% excellent regulation as high as +- 0.5% micro controller

2.Controlled system wide input range of operations & high speed of correction metering on lcd display

3.3ph input voltage ph to ph and ph to neutral

4.3ph output voltage ph to ph and ph to neutral system frequency

5.Output current on each ph protections

6.Single phasing prevention

7.Output electronic over load protection

8.Phase reversal protection

9.Input short circuit protection with mcb

10.Input over load protection with mcb

11.Output low voltage protection

12.Output high voltage protection

13.Audio alarm for protections indications mains input on 3 led indications 3ph output on indication phase reversal indication over load indication