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+91-9121685111 #5-5-35/153/3, First Floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Telangana, Hyderabad – 500072
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3 Phase Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers

servo voltage stabilizers

Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Is your electrical appliances are getting damaged often, so it is a peak time to install a servo-controlled voltage stabilizer to safeguard your appliances. Vajratranspower, one of the best leading oil cooled voltage stabilizer manufacturers in India, we supply a vast range of first-rate standard stabilizers for home, oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers, three phase voltage stabilizer for residential loads, linear automatic voltage stabilizers and etc.

Any electrical appliances that may be simple or complex should possess a longer life and also efficiency to serve our needs. So by well-maintaining, the appliances with perfect stabilization can enhance their longevity.

Our three phase oil cooled servo stabilizer units provide perfectly stable output, and these units balance the inconsistent voltages and enable suitable voltage which is required at the end levels. We follow standardized and ideal manufacturing processes which can meet the standards like IS, CE and others.

We use the highest grade raw materials and advanced modern technology to manufacture supreme quality, accurate, and long-lasting oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers. One of the leading oil cooled servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad, where all the units are incorporated with specific lubricants to ensure the cooling of machines.

Say goodbye to the voltage fluctuations with the best servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers. Well designed to sustain the higher voltage loads and the dedicated approach to produce highly efficient equipment that facilitates the power-saving and increase in productivity.

Being an experienced and an approved servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer, we ensure products have undergone rigorous testing and inspection. Also, we offer customized optimum oil cooled voltage stabilizers that can suit a variety of industrial applications.

Technical Specifications
Salient Features
Input voltage range 300 – 460v 340 – 480v 360 – 460v ac 3 ph
Output voltage(3 ph) 415v
Ac system Unbalanced 4 wire – R Y B N
Connections star
Operating frequency 47 to 53 hz
Output voltage adjustable 380 to 415v ac in 3 ph
Output voltage regulation + 1% (no load)
Output voltage regulation + 1% (full load)
Overload capacity 120% Correction Rate – 60 25 15V per Sec-3 Phase
Waveform Distortion nil
Output Waveform true
Reproduction of Input Insulation Class B
Short Circuit period & Percentage 300% for 250 Milli Sec. 0 0
Normal Operation Temperature 0 C to 45 C 0
Climate Conditions 90% Rh Max
Non Condensing at 35 C Type of Cooling Natural Oil cooled up to 5000 KVA
Mode of system Fully Automatic System
Construction As per IS – 9815 1994
  • Quick response time 10milli sec (half a cycle)
  • Very high efficiency above 98%
  • Excellent regulation as high as +- 0.5%
  • Micro controller
  • Controlled system
  • Wide input range of operations & high speed of correction Protections
  • Single Phasing Prevention
  • Output Electronic Over Load Protection
  • Phase Reversal Protection
  • Input Short Circuit Protection with MCB
  • Input Over Load Protection with MCB
  • Output Low Voltage Protection
  • Output High Voltage Protection
  • Audio Alarm for Protections