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+91-9121685111 #5-5-35/153/3, First Floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Telangana, Hyderabad – 500072
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Power Transformers Specifications and its Applications in the Electric Power Systems

Vajra Transpower is the leading Power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad,India is offering the significance of power transformers to let the customers select appropriate transformers for their energy demands. Vajra Transpower is identified as the best electrical transformers manufacturers, which offers a wide range of  strong, well grounded, and uniquely designed electrical transformers for each type […]

Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer installed at customer place with CT/PT and metering unit. Transformer power consumption and load connected on transformer is being measured by CT/PT connected at HT side of transformer. Consumer will have to pay electricity charges for Load consumed and transformer inherent losses[…]

Power Transformers – What should you consider before purchasing one?

Transformers are a significant component of an electric network. One of the important electrical networks that anticipate laboriously on transformers and forms the strong pillar of the industrialized society is the power distribution network. The power transformers are one of the types of transformers used to transform energy from one circuit to the other circuit […]

Significance of Electrical Transformers in our Daily Life!

We can’t imagine our lives without electricity. Power is one of the most vital elements of our daily life.  Our whole machine world runs on electricity, several appliances, gadgets, electronics that are precious to us need the power to function. This article states you about the significance of electrical transformers and how our lives depend […]

Why We Need Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Electricity fluctuations are common in unbalanced loads, where there are 4wire connections. In 4wire connection, each Phase load current, changes very frequently, since there are multiple electrical gadgets connected. In the electrical gadgets, there are variety of electrical loads that are not distributed equally on all 3 phases. Generally in the company, commercial offices, residential […]

Installing Centralised Voltage Regulator at Your Factory, Commercial Office, Hospitals and Homes is the Investment Which Yields More Than 25% of Returns on Investment

Automatic Voltage Regulator Provides 1. Energy savings on installation of centralized AVR. 2. Reduced electrical maintenance due to installation of AVR. 3. Reduced electrical equipment breakdown. 4. Reduced failures of electrical and electronic components. 5. Reduced maximum demand of load. 6. Enhance the life of electrical equipment. 7. Automatic voltage regulator will offer accelerated depreciation […]

Achieve Energy Efficiency Goals with Vajra Power Transformers

Classification of Transformers by Electrical Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad. The transformer is one of the incredible innovations in the power industry and as well as in Electrical Engineering, that changed the entire face of the power supply and management. Transformer basically performs a simple function that is they decrease or increase voltage or current levels […]