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Why Isolation transformer required for protection of various equipment’s?

A transformer electrical isolation is required to prevent damage to either electrical circuit when any equipment connected to it.

In health care facilities isolation transformer is very important to isolate leakage of various electrical waves which are present on normal power source.Isolation transformers are used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current power to a device, where the powered device is isolated from the power source for safety measures.

1) Isolation transformer provides galvanic isolation which is the principle of isolating difference sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow

2) There is no direct conduction part between input and output of the isolation transformer.

3) Isolation transformer reduces the capacitance, induction, and electromagnetic waves from input to output

4) Isolation transformers block the transmission of the DC components in signals from one circuit to another circuit

5) Isolation transformers will have the ratio of 1:1 between input and output winding’s are used to protect against electrical shock between the ground and live conductors.

6) Isolation transformers also used to suppress electrical noise and these are used for supplying of clean power and protective power for sensitive equipment’s like CNC Machines, Medical devices and Laboratory instruments.

7) Isolation transformers filters the radio frequency, spikes, surges and provides dedicated neutral circuit. By using isolation transformer for any sensitive equipment, this will provides excellent protection against all sorts of electrical noises which are present on common electrical circuits on common distribution network. It enhances life of equipment, reduces malfunctions and frequent breakdowns.


Vajra Isolation Transformers are manufactured with great care by providing various shielding thus excellent protection is achieved for all sensitive and costly equipment’s which are connected on vajra isolation transformers.