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+91-9121685111 #5-5-35/153/3, First Floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Telangana, Hyderabad – 500072
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Distribution Transformer Manufacturers

Distribution Transformers

It’s hard to imagine our life without electricity even for a single day. For that reason, we manufacture transformers incorporated with the latest infrastructure and proven competency to provide reliable distribution transformers capable of offering various requirements of clients. Install our world-class distribution transformers at a service drop where a smooth and safe electricity is transferred from a utility pole to the customer’s premises.

We have become one of the best power distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad by rendering top quality customer-fit distribution transformers of all type. VajraTranspower is one of the trusted distribution transformer supplier in Hyderabad that manufactures different types of distribution transformers-

  • Oil cooled Transformers
  • With OLTC Distribution Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers

VajraTranspower is one of the established oil cooled transformers manufacturer in Hyderabad. Our wide spectrum of distribution transformers is used for several applications in different sectors. We offer oil cooled transformers along with OLTC and dry Type distribution transformers to the clients.

Are you looking for Distribution transformer manufacturers in India? Contact VajraTranspower which is known as OLTC transformers manufacturer in India to get the best quality products that are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure smooth electricity transmission.

Oil cooled Transformers

Distribution transformers, the name itself indicates its functionality, that is they are used to distribute the power voltages as per the specific requirements to the end users. To ensure the correct usage of electricity it steps down the voltage it means the high distribution voltage levels are decreased down to end-use voltage levels.

Are you looking for the best distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad? Here is your top solution, Vajratranspower is one of the best electrical transformer suppliers to reach out. We offer a wide variety of distribution transformers that include oil type transformer, dry type transformer, and OLTC distribution transformers. The oil-cooled distribution transformers are specially designed to fit the latest requirements of new installations, and as well as replacements.

OLTC Distribution Transformers

Vajratranspower serves a wide range of OLTC-distribution transformers with top-end quality, international standards, and cutting-edge technology. We are specialized in manufacturing the premium quality automatic distribution transformers with OLTC to meet a wide variety of requirements of various industries. Mainly used in steel plants, chemical plants, sugar mills, paper mills, rolling mills, and the industries which run on heavy automation, etc.

The guaranteed distribution transformer manufacturer in India, where all the products have undergone various quality test segments at every level to meet the national and international standards like BIS, DIN, IS, IEC and etc.

Dry Type Transformers

Vajratranspower is one of the looming dry type distribution transformer manufacturers/suppliers in Hyderabad, where its dry-type transformer units provide excellent cooling through air ventilation, and they are ideal for the indoor applications and require less service maintenance. Our dry-type transformers are precision-engineered with an excellent design that allows efficient dissipation of heat. Fire resistant insulation materials are used for the windings to reduce the risk of catching fire.

In dry type distribution transformer category, we offer several options that can cover your specific manufacturing needs like- 40 KVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 60 KVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 1000-KVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 1250 KVA dry type transformer manufacturer.