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Dry-Type distribution transformer

Vajratranspower is one of the looming dry type distribution transformer manufacturers/suppliers in Hyderabad, where its dry-type transformer units provide excellent cooling through air ventilation, and they are ideal for the indoor applications and require less service maintenance. Our dry-type transformers are precision-engineered with an excellent design that allows efficient dissipation of heat. Fire resistant insulation materials are used for the windings to reduce the risk of catching fire. Great substitution for oil-cooled transformer models to overcome the electrical hazards that may cause due to oil leakage. Environment-friendly transformers, that are easy to handle, no chances of oil leakages, spillages, smoke, and etc.

In dry type distribution transformer category, we offer several options that can cover your specific manufacturing needs like- 40 KVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 60 KVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 1000-KVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 1250 KVA dry type transformer manufacturer. We are the 2 MVA dry type transformer manufacturer, and 2.5 MVA dry type transformer manufacturer.
You can use any type of them for industrial sectors, residential, schools, hotels, commercial complexes, power plant applications, educational institutions and so on.

Off-circuit tap changer to provide +5% to -5% in steps of 2.5% (or as specified by customer)
On-load tap changer to provide +5% to -15% in steps of 1.25% (or as specified by customer)
Phase 50 Hz in voltages of 11 KV, 22 KV and 33 KV
Continuous duty
Painting as per IS / IEC standards
Vector group Dyn 11
Standard fittings as per IS: 2026 / IEC 76 / BIS 1180
HV side cable box/Bare Bushings
LV side cable box / bus duct

1. Design conforms to BIS 1180 & IS:2026, BS 171, IEC 76 and other relevant standards

2. Latest manufacturing techniques to ensure cost effectiveness and reliability

3. Designed for 25 years of trouble – free performance

4. Very low power loss and low noise

5. Optimum utilization of active materials for sleek design

6. Withstands electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses

Tube Mills

Telecom Centers

Rice Mills

Rolling Plants

Educational Institutions

Cold Storage


Pharmaceuticals Units

Residential & Commercial

 Food Processing Unit

1. 6.6 KV, 11 KV, 25 KV & 33 KV

2. Upto 30 MVA

3. Lowest Capacity is 5 KVA



  • 1. Cooling Tubes/Radiators/Corrugated Tanks
  • 2. Pole Mounted / Ground Mounted
  • 3. Free Breathing / Hermetically Sealed
  • 4. CSP / Non CSP
  • 5. Winding-Copper/Aluminium Foil/Rectangular Wire/Round Wire
  • 6. Fittings and Accessories, Cable Terminations etc

Vajra Transformers are designed and tested as per IS: 2026, BS-171, IEC-76 & IEC-726.

A Standard Vector is Dyn 11.

Are made as per the Site Requirement

40 KVA Dry Type
60 KVA Dry Type
1000 KVA Dry Type
1250 KVA Dry Type
2 MVA Dry Type

Why us?

We are one of the major transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad with extensive experience in the electrical industry. Our products are uniquely designed with the latest and advanced technologies and certified from various national standards along with the proven and greater safety measures.

Key features

  • High-end model transformers that perform efficiently.
  • Experts in providing the robust and long-lasting transformers.
  • Top priority in offering cost-effective electrical solutions.
  • Follow the best global quality standards and manufacturing techniques.

Our team

We proud to announce that we are mentored by one of the senior mentor Mr. Dr A VENKATESWARA RAO who has 4 decade expertise in creating various companies and founder of SERVOMAX brand. It is the only true INDIAN brand created by him & he is a founder for Servomax India Limited. Our company guarantees the international quality & state of the art technology in our products.



To consolidate and create global presence and to become a leading manufacturer and solution provider for transformer requirements and to have 50% annual growth rate year by year.


To emerge as a trusted solution provider for all types of transformers and to conduct our business professionally, to become an employee driven company and to have, best interactive customer relationship.

Quality Policy

Quality is our priority. We maintain quality in Management, Manpower, Machinery, Testing equipment, Testing Processes and Manufacturing Processes. Thus quality product is delivered.