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+91-9121685111 #5-5-35/153/3, First Floor, Prashanthi Nagar, Kukatpally, Telangana, Hyderabad – 500072
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Power Transformer Manufacturers

Power Transformers

Power transformers facilitate the transmission of electricity from any part of the electrical or electronic circuit to the other. Generally used in high voltage transmission networks to step up and step down the voltages. Changes the high voltage electricity to reduced voltage levels and makes suitable for the usage in homes as well as others.

The vajratranspower is one of the top-quality electrical transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad. And we offer a wide range of highly robust, reliable and uniquely designed electrical transformers for each type of industry.

We are one of the most popular and customer favorite transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. Our products are used for a wide range and special applications. We offer 33/11 KV transformers, 11/0.433 KV, transformers, both step-up and step down transformer manufacturer with any MVA specifications as per the customer requirements. Our wide spectrum products list includes 5 MVA transformers and we are known as best 1500 KVA power transformer manufacturer

Technical Specifications
Salient Features
Most Suitable For


Off-circuit tap changer to provide +5% to -5% in steps of 2.5% (or as specified by customer)
On-load tap changer to provide +5% to -15% in steps of 1.25% (or as specified by customer)







Continuous duty  
Painting as per IS / IEC standards
Vector group Dyn 11
Standard fittings as per IS: 2026 / IEC 76 / BIS 1180
HV side cable box/Bare Bushings
LV side cablebox / busduct

1. Design conforms to BIS 1180 & IS:2026, BS 171, IEC 76 and other relevant standards

2. Latest manufacturing techniques to ensure cost effectiveness and reliability

3. Designed for 25 years of trouble – free performance

4. Very low power loss and low noise

5. Optimum utilization of active materials for sleek design

6. Withstands electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses

  • Tube Mills                                                                Cold Storage
  • Telecom Centers                                                     Clubs          
  • Rice Mills                                                                 Pharmaceuticals Units
  • Rolling Plants                                                          Residential & Commercial  
  • Educational Institutions                                       Food Processing Unit
Product Ranges
Applicable Standards
Vector Group
Terminal Arrangement

1. 6.6 KV, 11 KV, 22 KV & 33 KV

2. Upto 30 MVA

3. Lowest Capacity is 5 KVA



  • 1. Cooling Tubes/Radiators/Corrugated Tanks
  • 2. Pole Mounted / Ground Mounted
  • 3. Free Breathing / Hermetically Sealed
  • 4. CSP / Non CSP
  • 5. Winding-Copper/Aluminium Foil/Rectangular Wire/Round Wire
  • 6. Fittings and Accessories, Cable Terminations etc

Vajra Transformers are designed and tested as per  IS: 1180,IS: 2026, BS-171, IEC-76 & IEC-726.

A Standard Vector is Dyn 11.

Are made as per the Site Requirement